Finding Dory (Procurando Dory)

Olha eu aqui de novo desajustados. A pedido dos meus fãs (só que não, só uma gringa que pediu) solicitei ao meu amado tradutor e interprete (chupa sociedade!!!) traduzir o post do filme da Dory para facilitar o entendimento e assim, alcançar os estrangeiros. Se quiser contato para (e somente) tradução, clique ao lado. Devaneius. Espero que curtam 😉

(Translated by Lucas Almeida)

Hello Dearies, Everything’s ok? I am okay, I’ve finished the semester of the college and now I’m “on vacation”, so I can pay more attention to the blog

And today I brought a tip for your weekend (or not, because of the Suicide Squad premiere, toooo much awaited hihi). If you have children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, or love the Disney Pixar’s animations, that’s the movie. Dory is back, after 13 years waiting!!!

Last sunday (July 31st), I went to the movies with my favorite Daydreamer watch Finding Dory. We didn’t find problems with the tickets and seats, but I imagined the expression of the other people who saw us, two old bearded fellas going to watch Dory.  Actually, I don’t give a shit for that.

It’s a pleasant american animation, with 97 min. Even being nice, I recognize that Finding Dory it’s just a kind of movie which you see on sunday afternoons when you don’t have nothing better to do. You can wait the DVD or Blu-ray, don’t need to go to the movies. But this isn’t mean a bad movie.  In this new adventure, the focus is Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres), which I think is a kid with a certain disability because of the short memory loss, and your parents had to find a way to deal with this situation and minimize the suffering of your daughter. Until the little fish ends up losing your parents accidently, and so many time passed that Dory forgot the memory of your parents existence.

But, while she has a memory lapse, she remember somethings and decide to find your parents with your friends Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) and Nemo (voiced by Hayden Rolence). And then, she ends up losing your friends too, and they try to find her. Dory arrives to the Marine-life Institute (a place where there is a diversity of a marine animals in exposition and rehab),following instructions of a broadcaster called Marília Gabriela. There, Dory meets Hank (voiced by Ed O’Neill), a cranky red octopus who previously lost a tentacle, and wants to live alone in anither exposition, away from the sea. But, Hank helps Dory even without wanting to, and besides him, Dory have the help of an old friend called Destiny (a near-sighted whale shark who taught Dory to speak the “whale language”) andBailey (a beluga whale who temporally lost his echolocation).

Marlin and Nemo have a supporting role participation in the movie, giving space to another comical highlights as the lazy sea lions Fluke and Rudder; Becky (a very usefull crazy bird); the cutest otters who like to hug each others hehe, and a crazy sea lion called Geraldy, who just want some space in a rock with the other sea lions.

The movie have a beautiful history as background, based on the love of the parents for your children in spite of everything, the family ties which are not consisting solely of people of the same blood, the importance of a friendship and the most important moments of our lifes.

I hope you enjoyed the text, I recommend the movie independent of your age or movie preferences, and if you already saw the movie, comment your opinion, and don’t forget to like the post, ok? See you soon. Bye


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  2. Renata Soares · agosto 5, 2016

    Nossa Muito amor esse filme é dos meus preferidos, amei a resenha em ingles arrasou…Cadastra seu blog la com a gente em é a plataforma para bloggers muito boa assim podemos compartilhar seus post nas nossas redes sociais..Qualquer coisa só avisar..Bjuss

    Curtido por 1 pessoa

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